Monday, July 6, 2015

Avalanche Towards a Global Ecosocialist Movement!

Mikhalis Styllas, Greek educator, geologist, alpinist and activist, reviews "Truth and Dare":

"An excellent piece of information, graphic art and a great synopsis of where we are going to. “The end and the beginning of the world”. I like the inverse sequence. Maybe I should try to put out a Greek edition and share it with young students at the talks I am invited to give to numerous high schools. 

Recently I came across another French masterpiece in the same wave-length (La Grande Transformation. Climat, inverserons-nous la coubre?). This kind of literature is a positive sign of increased awareness. 
To be aware and to comprehend the problem is one thing (Truth). To act is another more difficult matter, as it compromises personal comfort (Dare). Action starts in everyone’s heads and extends to everyone’s personal every-day life. Only independent, educated and civilized personalities can build creative societies that continuously readjust their socioeconomic status by respecting each other and the environment as a whole. From there on it will be easier to avalanche towards a global ecosocialist movement." 

(This review appeared as part of a longer interview, "The View From Mt. Olympus," published by Counterpunch on July 6, 2015)

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